DJ Pierra Makena: My baby daddy married when I was 5 months pregnant for him

DJ Pierra Makena has chosen to address the ongoing speculation regarding the identity of her 7-year-old daughter’s biological father. While the father’s identity remains undisclosed to the public, Pierra spoke openly about her acceptance of his decision to stay away from their child during an interview with Mungai Eve.

Pierra expressed a reluctance to resort to legal action or pursue the matter in court, emphasizing that she does not wish to force a man into taking responsibility for his child. Instead, she highlighted the importance of emotional involvement and love, stating, “Love is more different than material.” She advocated for fathers to be present in their child’s life, providing love and attention when needed.

The DJ revealed that her child’s father got married when she was five months pregnant, a decision that initially saddened her. Despite the pain, she acknowledged the need to be content with the situation and moved forward without seeking legal recourse. Pierra clarified that her ex-partner was not rude or demeaning, but his decision to marry another woman during her pregnancy was hurtful.

Addressing rumors circulating on social media, Pierra refuted claims that her child’s father was already married when they were together. She clarified the timeline of their relationship, explaining that they had dated, broken up, and then discovered her pregnancy two weeks later.

Pierra expressed happiness for her ex-partner’s marriage, even though it occurred while she was carrying their child. She revealed that she does not actively follow his life and respects his privacy, choosing not to involve him in her family life for the sake of his current relationship and family.

When questioned about a specific picture circulating on Google featuring a man with her daughter, Pierra claimed ignorance, stating that she does not know who the person in question is. She mentioned that her child often meets various people, and photos are taken, but she refrains from discussing her child’s father publicly.

Pierra acknowledged that her daughter, Ricca, has questions about her father and occasionally expresses anticipation for their meeting. Despite his absence, Pierra reassures her daughter that he loves her and attributes his absence to being busy or traveling.