Sad as Husband surrenders to Police after killing his wife

In an alarming incident in Bungoma County, a 40-year-old man turned himself in to authorities on Saturday, March 30, following the brutal killing of his wife in their home.

The tragic event unfolded during a period of marital discord between the couple, coinciding with the wife’s return from her grandmother’s funeral in Misemwa village.

According to reports, the disagreement between the husband and wife escalated into a physical altercation, ultimately resulting in the wife’s untimely death.

Upon the discovery of the grim scene, the suspect’s brother promptly contacted authorities at Mbakalo Police Station.

Upon arrival, authorities found the victim’s lifeless body, bearing severe injuries to her neck and head.

Subsequent investigations led to the discovery of a machete, believed to be the murder weapon, at the crime scene. The suspect, identified as the assailant, voluntarily surrendered himself at the police station and was taken into custody for further interrogation.

In another distressing incident, a police officer in Laikipia County tragically died by suicide after shooting himself in the chin at his home.

The incident occurred on Friday, March 29, at the Magutu police post, as confirmed by authorities.

Constable Andrew Miranyi Gati was found deceased in his residence after inflicting a gunshot wound upon himself.

According to police reports, Gati used his G3 rifle to shoot himself in the left chin, resulting in a fatal injury as the bullet exited through his left ear. Nineteen bullets were recovered at the scene along with the firearm.

The body has been transferred to the mortuary pending autopsy and further investigation, with authorities yet to determine the motive behind the tragic act.

Regrettably, this heartbreaking event is not an isolated incident, as there are monthly records of at least three suicide cases involving police officers.