From fame to farm: The Downfall of Magix Enga Explained ‘ Drugs , Madharau na Madeni mingi

Clemoh Pr has recently shed light on the downfall of Magix Enga, one of Kenya’s most celebrated music producers. During the period of 2018 to 2020, Magix Enga was considered the dopest music producer in the country due to his amazing productions that went viral and gained global recognition.

However, things took a turn for the worse when the gengetone wave, which was his specialty, collapsed and lost its popularity. Magix Enga began to flop, and according to Clemoh, it was due to his pride and disrespect towards upcoming artists. He allegedly took money from them and failed to show up for production sessions. In addition, he was a drug addict and spent his money on drugs and women instead of investing wisely.

Clemoh believes that God punished Magix Enga for mistreating upcoming artists, and debts drained him during the corona period. Furthermore, his allegations of being a member of illuminati further destroyed his reputation and brand.

Magix Enga is currently struggling to make a comeback, and his desperate condition has been captured in viral photos. However, he has accepted his mistakes and asked for forgiveness from those he has wronged. Despite his mistakes, he is a talented producer, and it is a waste of creativity and talent to see him on his knees. Kenyans and loyal fans should support him in his journey towards redemption.