Man Nearly Kills Wife for Interrupting His Twa Twa session With ‘Mpango wa Kando’

In the heart of Mathare, Kenya, a real-life drama unfolded, resembling a scene straight out of a movie. However, for Aida Nekesa, it wasn’t a scripted tale but a terrifying reality she had to endure.

On that fateful day of December 25, 2022, Nekesa’s life took a harrowing turn when she stumbled upon her husband, Peter Wakube, in a compromising situation with his secret lover, commonly known as his “mpango wa kando.”

Nekesa, a hardworking house help, returned home around 2 pm, only to be confronted with a devastating sight. Her husband, Wakube, was entangled with another woman right in their marital bed. The shock and heartbreak she experienced were beyond words.

Desperate to confront her unfaithful husband, Nekesa tried to knock on the door, but Wakube coldly denied her entry. Despite the emotional turmoil raging inside her, she persisted and managed to enter the house. The scene that met her eyes was painful and humiliating – her husband indulging in intimate moments with his lover.

Instead of showing remorse or guilt, Wakube responded to Nekesa’s presence with violence. He unleashed a brutal attack on his wife, delivering vicious kicks and blows that left her with painful injuries on her face and abdomen.

Thankfully, the commotion attracted the attention of concerned neighbors who rushed to Nekesa’s aid. With great bravery, they intervened, escorting her to the Mathare police station and later to the hospital for medical attention.

The physical wounds she sustained were painful reminders of the emotional scars left by her husband’s betrayal. As if the beating wasn’t enough, evidence of Wakube’s anger and disrespect for his wife surfaced. Pieces of a torn photograph of Nekesa, presumably ripped during his fit of rage, were found, adding another layer of cruelty to the ordeal.

Wakube was subsequently arrested and brought to the Makadara Law Courts to face charges. Surprisingly, he pleaded guilty and expressed remorse for his actions. However, no amount of remorse could undo the pain and trauma inflicted upon Nekesa. The aftermath of this heartbreaking event will undoubtedly leave lasting effects on her life.