Jackie Matubia Confirms Breakup With Blessing Lungaho, “Proud Single Mother of Two.”

Award-winning actress Jackie Matubia recently made headlines after announcing her breakup with fellow actor Blessing Lungaho, her baby daddy. Since revealing her single status, Jackie has been inundated with attention from Kenyan men. Taking to Instagram, she expressed surprise at the number of suitors vying for her affection.

Her inbox is flooded with messages from men trying to win her heart, some even resorting to sending emails as if applying for a job. However, Jackie made it clear that she’s not interested in wasting her time dating or building a man, nor is she willing to give anyone a chance at the moment.

Yesterday, she officially confirmed the breakup with Blessing Lungaho through a social media post, embracing her status as a proud single mother of two. Prior to this announcement, Jackie had spoken about her struggles in the dating world, having encountered several Mr. Wrongs, including players, idiots, stalkers, and control freaks. She wondered aloud where Mr. Right was in the midst of all these disappointing encounters.

The actress had introduced Blessing Lungaho as her baby daddy last year, sharing that he had proposed to her on her birthday, and they welcomed their first child together in June. However, their relationship started showing signs of trouble when Jackie began posting cryptic videos about it, leading to a halt in their joint YouTube content.

The split from her first baby daddy, who left her and the house in disarray, had previously plunged Jackie into a period of deep depression. It was a dark time in her life, but now she seems resolute in her decision not to jump into another relationship hastily.

In conclusion, Jackie Matubia’s recent announcement of her single status after breaking up with Blessing Lungaho has brought her a flood of attention from Kenyan men. However, she remains focused on herself and her children, unwilling to rush into another relationship.