Wahu speaks on attempt to divorce Nameless 'I told him it's over'
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Wahu speaks on attempt to divorce Nameless ‘I told him it’s over’

Musicians Wahu and Nameless have continually stood out as the power couple of the showbiz industry

but, their love story has faced many hurdles just like any other marriage.

In almost 15 years of their marriage, the couple has faced alot which have led to a short separation, or even an tried divorce.

speak on This Love a reality show aired by the couple, Wahu claimed that she nearly divorced his husband due to their religious differences.

“I have always been born again and of course with my friends they did not like the fact that he was not saved also, one time I told him it was over. Then he wrote in my journal saying he did not understand why he was not good for me,” Wahu said.

This isn’t not the primary time they’re speaking on their attempt to call it quits.

In 2019, nameless opened up on their difficult moments before he become a dad.

“In the beginning of marriage two or three years after, I was wondering what was happening. Then just when we got married she got pregnant. With pregnancy comes a lot of uncertainty. I almost left at that time,” he said.

much like any other couple, the two have had their horrific days however they have stood strong for each other.