Man in Busia sentenced to 31 years in prison for employing a 14-year-old girl as househelp.

A middle aged man has been sentenced to 31 years behind bars after he was accused of child trafficking.

According to reports, the man identified as Evans Shiundu who pleaded guilty to child trafficking alleged that he only hired the kid as a house help and had no ill motives.

Chief Magistrate, Lucy Ambasi stated that Shiundu that the man is a notorious child trafficker seeing that his name is not registered in the Kenyan Government.

“We appeal to all those who employ school-going children as maids or as helpers in their houses to stop. The sentence is very serious. We have seen instances in Busia where school girls are plucked out of school so that they can work as maids,” the magistrate said in a statement.

The court also opined that there has been a rise of child trafficking in the area noting noting that most victims end up in Uganda Uganda.

The man 27-year-old man will now spend his almost entire life in prison or pay a fine of ksh30 million for child trafficking.