“Register Now”: Prophet Launches Online Course For Miracles, Charges Ksh 142k full course

Prophet Uebert Angel Mudzanire, a Zimbabwean spiritual leader, has recently unveiled an intriguing opportunity for believers: an online course where he promises to impart the knowledge of performing miracles and delivering prophecies.

Taking to his social media platforms, Prophet Uebert announced the launch of his School Of Signs and Wonders (SOSW), offering eager participants the chance to enroll in a series of tutorials scheduled from April 1st to April 3rd, 2024. The course comes at a price of £999, approximately equivalent to Ksh 142,337.

“Register now and Learn how to perform signs, miracles, and wonders, online, directly from Prophet Uebert Angel. Places are filling fast,” urged the prophet in a graphic accompanied by the announcement.

Interested individuals can sign up for the miracle online course through a provided website link, where they are directed to the course’s details and payment options. The website showcases posters outlining the charges for the course, emphasizing accessibility for people of all races, regardless of their religious affiliations or backgrounds.

“The School of Science and Wonders is now open for registration, inviting eager souls from around the globe to discover the Art of Performing Miracles. Whether you’re a spiritual leader looking to deepen your divine capabilities or someone without a church seeking a profound connection with the miraculous, this program is designed for you,” reads a statement on the website.

However, the announcement stirred controversy on Prophet Uebert’s Facebook post, with some expressing skepticism and criticism, accusing him of promoting a false gospel and commercializing spirituality. Others lamented the perceived commercialization of the church, pledging to abstain from organized religious practices altogether.