Muthoni Mukiri: How partying from Monday to Sunday left me broke

Muthoni wa Mukiri, a former Inooro Tv presenter, shared her experience of how a lifestyle of partying every day led to financial desperation and the inability to share her struggles with others due to fear of judgment.

Despite not enjoying her job, she continued to party excessively and spend money on material possessions, which only exacerbated her financial issues.

“I treated myself so badly so I never realized when men I was dating were treating me badly, I thought it was normal. Every time I was broke I would start shaking and having migraines. I had pegged the quality of life on money and material things.”

She also revealed that this lifestyle caused her to become desensitized to being treated poorly by the men she dated, as she had come to view it as normal. Ultimately, she quit her job at Inooro Tv in early 2021 to focus on her own business endeavors.