” I’m In Love With A 15yrs Church Boy nataka Nimpee ROSECOCO” A 35 year old Woman Confesses.

A 35 years old woman, who is a born again christian, caused stir online, after she decided to come out openly and  confessed her feelings for  one of the church boys of their church.

Speaking during the deepest secret show, that is normally hosted on Reyo TV, the woman who choose to conceal her name and also hide her face, said that she has feelings for a young church boy.

The boy is 15 years younger than her, he is only 20 years, but the woman says that she feels that he is the one meant for her. She said that she is in love with how he talks and sings in church, he is a very cute boy, and he has the qualities she has been looking for in a man.

However she is fearing to make a move , because of how the society will judge her. The woman said that at 35 she has never been in any relationship, and she has been sexually inactive for several years. She feels that the young boy can satisfy her well.

She also went on and confessed that she is ready to get married to the young boy, and start a family with him. The woman said that the boy is perfect and she won’t regret him being the husband. She is still confused on whether to make a move, or the society will judge her, because she is very older than the young teenage boy