Kisii Family Allegedly Bury Relative Using Concrete To Avoid Body Being Stolen By Witches.

Residents in Kisii have been left in shock and confusion after a family reportedly buried their kin using cement.

It is said that the family buried their own using concrete to prevent witches in the area from stealing the body.

A viral photo doing rounds on social media shows the family members pouring concrete on the already laid coffin.

This comes after details emerged that witches in Gusii land are digging up graveyards and dig up dead and decomposing bodies from their resting place.

It is alleged that the witches after digging the decomposing bodies take them to the river where they wash them and later eat the corpse.

However, other residents have claimed that the stealing of bodies by witches is not real.

They say that thieves are the ones to blame for they exhume the bodies to steal expensive coffins and jewelry.