Krg The Don ReactionTo Akothee and Omosh Breakup.

Krg The Don, a renowned Kenyan celebrity and dancehall artist, has recently added his voice to the ongoing discussions surrounding the alleged breakup of Akothee and her husband, Omosh, joining a growing list of musicians who have shared their thoughts on the matter.

Akothee took to her social media platforms to share posts that strongly hinted at a troubled relationship. She went as far as deactivating Omosh’s Instagram account, removing her wedding ring, and deleting the title “Schweitzer” from her bio, all of which pointed towards the possibility of her no longer being married to Omosh.

Given Krg The Don’s history of publicly criticizing Akothee and Omosh’s wedding, particularly because he was not invited, many anticipated that he would take this opportunity to criticize Akothee once again. In the past, he had even expressed his willingness to sponsor a second wedding for Akothee and Omosh.

However, in a recent interview with Vincent Mboya, Krg The Don surprised many by adopting a more empathetic and understanding tone. He acknowledged the inherent complexities of dealing with relationship issues and expressed his concern for Akothee’s mental well-being. Instead of criticizing her, he extended his best wishes for her healing process and urged her to take the time she needs to recover before making any decisions about her future. Krg emphasized that relationships are inherently unpredictable and can take unexpected turns, and he encouraged Akothee to navigate this challenging period at her own pace.