Police Reveal Reason Behind Altercation With KDF Officers At Likoni Channel, Say One Person Was Injured

According to police reports, an altercation erupted on Saturday between police officers and Kenya Navy soldiers stationed at the Likoni Ferry channel, resulting in one injury.

Wilson Obege, a private security guard, sustained injuries during the incident, as documented in a report filed at the Likoni Ferry Police Station.

The confrontation began when the aforementioned Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers arrived at the Likoni channel and obstructed it with their tactical military land cruiser, as detailed in the report.

The altercation escalated when Obege, the security guard on duty at the lock, attempted to request the KDF soldiers to clear the way. Seeking assistance, Obege turned to the police officers stationed at the lock. However, his efforts to reason with the KDF soldiers were met with further harassment.

As evidenced in widely circulated viral videos, both a security guard and a police officer were assaulted during the altercation.

The incident drew strong reactions from Kenyans, prompting the KDF to announce in a statement that action would be taken against the involved soldiers.

A statement issued on Saturday night declared, “Militant Police and relevant investigative agencies are currently handling the matter to ascertain the circumstances leading to the incident.”

“The incident is deeply regrettable. As members of the KDF, we are committed to upholding the core value of professionalism.”

This incident occurred merely a week after four KDF soldiers were apprehended in Lodwar following a heated confrontation with police over the arrest of four of their comrades.

According to reports, the detained KDF officers, allegedly involved in attacking and disarming a police officer near Turkana University College, demanded the release of their colleagues when they stormed the Lodwar Police Station.

The officer reportedly declined to kneel before them, leading to physical assault, including slapping, and threats, culminating in one of the soldiers firing multiple shots into the air.

Subsequently, the officer was instructed to retrieve his firearm at the Loturerei army camp in Kanam Kemer Ward by the soldiers, who were traveling towards Moi Garden in a water bowser at the time.