Andrew Kibe: Guardian Angel Was A Poor Man Who Is Not Handsome That is Why He Got Married to an Older Woman.

Andrew Kibe, the contentious content creator and entertainment critic, recently sparked controversy by engaging in a verbal altercation with one of Kenya’s renowned gospel musicians, Guardian Angel. Kibe has persistently criticized Guardian Angel, particularly regarding his marriage to Esther Musila, who is significantly older than him.

During a live broadcast, Kibe delved into trending topics, particularly focusing on relationships, where he observed a growing trend of men opting for older women. He suggested that some men pursue older partners due to personal shortcomings such as financial instability and a desire for instant success.

Using Guardian Angel as a case in point, Kibe insinuated that the musician’s choice of a 53-year-old partner was motivated by financial desperation. Additionally, Kibe disparaged Guardian Angel’s physical appearance, implying that his relationship with an older woman was a means of securing financial support.

Kibe argued that a respectable, forward-thinking man with aspirations for the future would not choose an older partner who may not be able to conceive. His remarks about Guardian Angel and Esther Musila’s marriage were laced with derogatory language.

In conclusion, Andrew Kibe advised men to eschew societal pressures and focus on self-improvement. He urged them to lead simple lives and only consider marriage when they are financially stable and personally fulfilled.