"Meet Peter Gichuhi: The 20-Year-Old Kikuyu Entrepreneur Raking in up to Sh10,000 Daily selling Homemade Burgers in Limuru!" -

“Meet Peter Gichuhi: The 20-Year-Old Kikuyu Entrepreneur Raking in up to Sh10,000 Daily selling Homemade Burgers in Limuru!”

Meet Peter Gichuhi Wambugu, the 20-year-old entrepreneur who has turned his passion for food into a successful business venture. Popularly known as Jackson wa Burgers, he saw an opportunity to make money during the Covid-19 pandemic when businesses were closing down. While most people were struggling to survive, Jackson was opening up his business. Today, he is the owner of Full Munch Burgers and is making a good living from it.

Jackson ventured into the business of selling burgers during the pandemic. He started by preparing the burgers and selling them to a few people. As he listened to customer feedback, he improved his recipe and that was how he started his small business. Today, he hawks the burgers in Limuru and its environs and has managed to build quite a clientele.

People love the taste of the burgers and the fact that he is clean and packages them very well. The burger patties are at times topped with roasted pineapples, an idea that impresses some of his clients. In a day, he can sell between 50 to 80 burgers with each piece going for Ksh100.

Jackson’s passion for food is what drives him to make burgers and improve on the process. He has a passion for food and was the ‘chef’ during their high school farewell party. He has basically taught himself how to make burgers and has perfected the art over time.

At times, depending on the clients of the day, he has to get up by 3am to begin preparing the burgers. Ten burgers take him about 20 minutes to prepare but this depends on the meat. Of course, the cost of production is not cheap, and he has to factor in the price of meat and the high prices of gas fuel. Hence, if he wants to make a good return, he needs to ensure he sells as many of them as possible.

Another challenge he faces is mobility. At times, when he isn’t walking around with the burgers, he has to rely on public transport to deliver the burgers to customers. This can be an inconvenience since they are slow as they have to stop to pick up and drop customers.

Apart from selling burgers, Jackson loves music and spoken word. He can rap and come up with lyrics, which is something he enjoys doing away from the kitchen. His mother is one of his biggest inspirations, and he says she has been a strong supporter of his business. He even used her stuff when he was starting out.

Although Jackson has not joined college yet, he plans to pursue a course in the line of hospitality and tourism when he does. He hopes to expand his business and make it a well-known brand in the future.

In conclusion, Jackson wa Burgers is an inspiration to many young people out there who have a passion for something but have not yet turned it into a business. He is proof that with hard work, determination, and a little creativity, anyone can turn their passion into a successful venture.