Sauti Sol Member, Chimano Reveals He Is Gay.

Kenyans have been speculating for along time that Sauti Sol’s Chimano is a member of the LGBTQ community.

Chimano coming out of the closet has now revealed that he is gay saying that he has nothing to hide.

Willia Austin or Chimano in an interview with a local daily said that he will no longer hide his true identity.

He said that his latest album, Heavy Os The Crown, is his true story meant to reveal his identity to the fans.

He stated that Friday Feeling in the album explains everything he is all about.

“Friday feeling is just like a ballroom culture within the Queer Community which I am part of. So that is just my first expression of who exactly I am.”

“So I am just laying everything bare from now on, hakuna kujificha jificha (there is no more hiding) anymore,” he said.

“Sexuality doesn’t define you. It is just about me putting myself out there; my creativity and living my truth,” he added.

He went on to ask his fans to be really and not hide under the closet.