How Nairobi man lost chance to move to US despite winning Green Card

The Diversity Visa (DV) program, commonly referred to as the Green Card lottery, has served as a source of optimism for individuals hailing from eligible countries who aspire to secure a better life in the United States. This program represents a distinctive avenue towards obtaining permanent residency in the land of opportunities. However, emerging victorious in the Green Card lottery merely marks the inception of a formidable expedition laden with challenges and uncertainties.

For countless hopeful individuals, the opportunity to immigrate to the United States is a cherished dream. Year after year, a multitude of individuals try their luck in the Green Card lottery, yearning to carve out a brighter future in the promised land.

Yet, amidst the fervor and eager anticipation, there exists an essential requirement for comprehensive research and preparation to enhance one’s prospects of success.

One such narrative hails from Nairobi, Kenya, where a man known as Eddy and his family embarked on a life-altering journey when they emerged as winners of the DV lottery in 2013.

Their elation knew no bounds as they envisioned the myriad possibilities awaiting them in the United States. Little did they foresee the unforeseen challenges that would beset their path.

Eddy’s odyssey commenced in a modest internet café, where a patron introduced him to the DV program and assisted him through the application procedure. The process appeared deceptively straightforward, yet, regrettably, Eddy and his spouse, due to their lack of thorough research and guidance, succumbed to avoidable blunders.

In their haste, they had their passport photos taken at a nearby studio and submitted their application without conducting a meticulous review of the requisite requirements and documentation. Several months later, they received the life-altering news that they were among the fortunate recipients of the Green Card lottery.

Ecstatic and filled with hope, Eddy and his family received directives from the Kentucky Consular office outlining the subsequent steps, encompassing medical checkups, interview preparations, and payment procedures.

The dream of a better life in the United States appeared tantalizingly close, yet the voyage was far from smooth sailing.

Their initial significant misstep occurred when Eddy and his family fell prey to a passport agent’s swindle, leading to added expenses and delays. Furthermore, blunders in the passport application resulted in erroneous information on their passports. In spite of these setbacks, they sought counsel from the Kentucky consulate, yearning to rectify the situation.

The day of the visa interview dawned, and Eddy and his family arrived early, their nerves tingling with anticipation. However, during the document review, the staff confronted a substantial hurdle. One of Eddy’s children possessed a birth certificate that did not align with the surname on her mother’s documents.

The staff requested adoption papers or a court decree establishing Eddy’s complete parental authority over the child, along with permission from the biological father for the child’s immigration. Sadly, they were unable to furnish the requisite documents, further complicating the interview process.

To exacerbate matters, their marriage certificate had been procured subsequent to their Green Card victory, prompting suspicions regarding the authenticity of their marriage. Despite the staff’s recommendation that Eddy proceed with the interview independently to boost his chances, the family resolved to confront the challenge as a unit, clinging to hope for a favorable outcome.

However, luck did not favor them that day. The visa was denied, and Eddy was encouraged to try his luck again in the following year’s DV Lottery. The disappointment weighed heavily on their hearts as they departed from the US Embassy, their dreams of a brighter future dashed.

Eddy’s resolve remained steadfast, and he persisted in participating in subsequent DV lotteries, yet success has thus far remained elusive. Over a decade has transpired since that fateful day, and he continues to nurture hope that his aspiration of relocating to the United States will one day materialize.