“Kimeumana!” Akothee No-Nonsense Reply To Comedian KK Mwenyewe Marriage Proposal

“That’s hunger! Do you want to marry Akothee or be adopted by Akothee?” This is the question Madam Boss, Akothee, posed to Mr. KK Mwenyewe in response to his unconventional marriage proposal, delivered via a placard stunt.

Once again, Akothee, widely recognized as Madam Boss, has created a significant stir on the internet with her straightforward and candid reply to comedian KK Mwenyewe’s unique attempt at proposing to her.

This incident transpired amidst swirling rumors of her alleged separation from her foreign partner, following a grand wedding in Nairobi that had captured the attention of Kenya’s most prominent celebrities.

In the aftermath of her purported breakup with Mr. Omosh Schweizer, Akothee found herself the subject of admiration from numerous suitors, both single and married men, all eager to pursue the celebrated singer and entrepreneur.

As a result, social media has been flooded with a plethora of opinions and speculations regarding Akothee’s romantic life.

KK Mwenyewe, a comedian and popular content creator, adopted an unconventional approach to capture her heart. He was spotted on the streets, brandishing a placard bearing a proposal to Mrs. Schweizer. His proposal, publicly displayed for all to witness, was a heartfelt plea to become her eighth spouse.

Madam Boss, renowned for her unfiltered and straightforward demeanor, took to her Facebook page to deliver a scathing response to KK Mwenyewe’s proposition.

In a post she later removed, she left no room for ambiguity as she questioned whether the comedian genuinely sought to marry her or was merely seeking to be embraced into her family.

Akothee insists that Kenyan men must possess a minimum of 10 million to win her affection. Her fiery reaction did not end there. She speculated that KK Mwenyewe’s unorthodox proposal may have been born out of personal challenges, possibly driven by hunger or difficulties in providing for himself.