First Lady Rachel Ruto Donates Food To 203 Families Affected By Floods

First Lady Rachel Ruto has provided aid to 1,131 individuals affected by floods in Thika West, Kiambu County. Addressing the recipients at St. Johns Kilimambogo Teachers Training College, Mama Rachel Ruto assured them of the government’s commitment to supporting food production as part of the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda, aimed at enhancing the nation’s food security.

“In times of hardship, true friends stand by us; that’s why all these people have gathered here, not because they represent the government…I want to reassure all Thika residents that everyone will receive their share of food,” she expressed.

Acknowledging the nationwide issue of flooding, she expressed gratitude for the rain while highlighting the previous years’ challenges of severe famine and loss of livestock. She emphasized the collective prayer for rain during those trying times.

Thika Town MP Alice Nganga, present at the event, appreciated Rachel Ruto’s visit, recognizing the extensive impact of floods on numerous communities, leading to the destruction of homes and livelihoods. The relief efforts have prioritized severely affected areas like Komo, Thika River, Mbagathi, Giciiki, Wendano, and Mukunike.

Also in attendance were East African Legislative Assembly MP Maina Karobia, Kiambu County Commissioner Duncan Darusi, and members of the Kiambu County Assembly.