Ruth Karauri: Form 4 Leaver Who’s a Pilot at Kenya Airways

Captain Ruth Karauri of Kenya Airways recently revealed that she is a form four leaver. Despite this, she had the opportunity to train with Africa’s largest airline and has become one of the best female pilots in the world.

In an interview with Standard Digital, she stated, “I am a form four leaver. With the kind of experience I have, I can do a master’s degree without doing an undergraduate course. It’s not a bad thing to get a degree but it is not the end of the world if you do not have one.”

Ruth recounts a time during her training when a teacher told her she would never be able to fly a plane. However, she persisted and proved him wrong. She said, “When we went to Adis Ababa for training we were being taught by ex-military pilots. I was asked if I knew how to ride a bicycle and I said no. The trainer told me I can never fly a plane, I thought my dreams had come to an end. After that, I learned how to fly, I came and learned how to drive a car, and I have asked my son to teach me how to ride a bike.”

Ruth is the wife of SportPesa boss Ronald Karauri and is one of the 40 female pilots in Kenya.