Story of a Kenyan Man Who Quit a Bank Job to Sell Pencils in Nairobi -

Story of a Kenyan Man Who Quit a Bank Job to Sell Pencils in Nairobi

Edgar Otieno, a Kenyan gentleman, took the internet by surprise when it came to light that he had forsaken his prestigious position as a banker at Barclays Bank to pursue a humble career selling pencils on the bustling streets of Nairobi.

This young man returned to his former job of peddling pencils, a role he had held prior to his foray into the banking sector. His decision was prompted by a profound dissatisfaction with his meager paycheck. Sometimes, the agony of donning a suit and tie every day, all while seeing no significant increase in earnings, can be more agonizing than losing one’s job altogether. It’s a stark reminder not to be too envious of bankers when you observe them behind the wheels of luxurious cars and adorned in sharp attire.

According to a local media outlet, this 42-year-old individual had been engaged in selling pencils on the streets since the tender age of 25, even before his banking career began. He would procure pencils in bulk from a specific company and earn his living through commissions from their sales.

“I excelled at it to the point where I consistently held the title of the best agent. Even after the company shuttered its operations in 2005, I chose to persist,” he recounted in an interview with the local outlet.

In the world of sales, establishing a personal connection with customers often precedes the actual transaction. “Some may wonder why I show up every morning impeccably dressed when my job entails chasing down customers and persuading them to buy pencils,” he mused.

This determined individual firmly believed that the compensation he received at Barclays Bank fell far short of his needs and aspirations. This realization prompted him to make the life-altering decision to resign, thereby freeing up more time to pursue his true passions.

Some of his former colleagues in the banking industry can attest to his background as a banker, but he has since embraced the role of a street vendor without any regrets.