Mulamwah Spends Ksh200,000 On A Maternity Photoshoot For His Pregnant Girlfriend

Mulamwah refused to spend on Carol Sonnie when she was pregnant but for Ruth K he is emptying his bank accounts.

The comedian recently spent at least Ksh200,000 on a maternity photoshoot with his pregnant sweetheart.

The two decided to pose on a chariot pulled by a special breed of white horses.

In a subsequent post, Mulamwah revealed that it costs Ksh50,000 an hour to hire the chariot.

He added that the minimum period of time one can hire the chariot is four hours – meaning he spent at least Ksh200,000 on the photoshoot.

“For those asking the horses are 50k ksh per hour minimum booking time is for 4 hrs,” Mulamwah wrote.

Mulamwah and Ruth K revealed they are expecting a baby boy who will be the comedian’s second child.

The two lovebirds held a chemistry-style gender reveal for their unborn baby in a video they shared.

Mulamwah and Ruth K were seen in a black and white video as they went by doing chemistry experiments which would give the result of the gender of their unborn child.