Kikuyu song ‘Mwaki’ declared ‘most viral song on Earth

The globally acclaimed track “Mwaki” by Sofiya M Nzau featuring Zerb has recently been declared the most viral song worldwide, as asserted by Brazilian music producer DJ Zerb. Taking to Instagram, Zerb excitedly shared the news, proclaiming, “THE MOST VIRAL SONG IN THE WORLD 😭❤️,” alongside a snapshot from the ‘Viral SONGS GLOBAL’ announcement dated November 16, 2023, showcasing its top position on the Spotify chart.

“Mwaki” is a captivating Kikuyu composition that delves into a woman’s apprehension regarding her father’s reaction upon discovering her marriage to a man who falls short of her father’s expectations. The song’s narrative reflects the universal theme of familial expectations and societal norms.

Sofiya, originally from Miruri, Murang’a, disclosed on TikTok that she hails from Kenya and is happily married to Nzau, a Kamba man who also serves as her manager and producer. Nzau’s online platform,, stands as a testament to his skill in crafting and selling beats, some of which feature Sofiya’s mesmerizing vocals.

‘Mwaki’ represents just one facet of Sofiya’s exploration into EDM, with her diverse musical portfolio extending to the Amapiano style in the vibrant track ‘Kiwaru.’

The infectious and lively tones of “Mwaki” have propelled it to TikTok stardom, capturing the attention of Kenyan audiences and beyond. Zerb, who showered praise on Sofiya just six days ago on Instagram, reiterated the power of music as a universal language that transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together individuals from different corners of the world. In his message, he emphasized, “Music is a universal language that can take a woman from Kenya and a man from Brazil and make a song the entire world is noticing. Music is the universal language,” echoing the sentiments of congratulations from fans and well-wishers alike.