she cheated on Me: Harmonize Reveals the Truth Behind Breakup with Frida Kajala -

she cheated on Me: Harmonize Reveals the Truth Behind Breakup with Frida Kajala

Harmonize, the famous Bongo Flava artist, has finally come clean about his break up with his ex-girlfriend, Kajala. In a recent video, Harmonize confessed to an unidentified individual that his former partner had been unfaithful. The singer had thought that he had found a life partner, but he later discovered that Kajala was romantically involved with another man.

During a heated confrontation, Kajala tried to attack him, but Harmonize maintained his composure and chose to let her go. He explained that he had to be the bigger person in the situation. On the other hand, Kajala had earlier revealed to Mzazi Willy Tuva on Radio Citizen that she had moved on from Harmonize and found love again with a Kenyan politician whom she opted not to name. Kajala stated that she was content with her current relationship and even expressed her desire to have another child with her new partner.

The couple’s break up came as a surprise to many, as they had been together for only a few months. Kajala publicly admitted her mistake and asked for forgiveness by removing Harmonize from her Instagram bio and unfollowing him. She also accused Harmonize of not valuing and appreciating her.

The situation became more complicated when a dispute arose over the ownership of two Range Rover vehicles that Harmonize had bought for Kajala. Juma Lokole reported that Kajala refused to return the cars as Harmonize had registered them in her name. Harmonize had purchased the cars to symbolize his love for Kajala, knowing that they were her dream vehicles. However, one of the cars was allegedly auctioned off due to outstanding payments, while the ownership of the other remains under contention.