‘Siezi Kumbuka Nimekula Madem Wangapi ,I have lost count ’ – Actor Don Little Says

Ghanaian actor Stephen Atangah, widely recognized as Don Little, has openly admitted to his unapologetic approach toward women who pursue him romantically. The actor candidly discussed his playboy tendencies during an interview on the Delay Show, hosted by the well-known Ghanaian media personality and entrepreneur Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay.

Despite his diminutive stature, the 26-year-old actor debunked the common assumption that size matters, particularly when it comes to his romantic escapades. Don Little asserted that he has lost track of the numerous women he has been involved with since gaining fame. He attributed the attention he receives from amorous women to his celebrity status, suggesting that they are drawn to him because of his presumed wealth.

According to Don Little, he doesn’t shy away from the advances of enthusiastic women, often initiated through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The actor revealed that he frequently arranges intimate encounters in budget-friendly guest houses, spending approximately 30 Ghanaian cedi or Ksh382.

Maintaining a discreet approach to his extracurricular activities, Don Little emphasized the importance of privacy to avoid public scrutiny and gossip. When questioned about his ability to satisfy his romantic partners, he nonchalantly admitted to a lack of concern, stating, “All I want is to relieve myself, and once I reach that limit, I don’t care about how they feel.”

Born into a financially disadvantaged family on October 5, 1997, in Ghana, Don Little has faced rejection in the past due to his short stature. Despite these challenges, the actor rose to prominence in the Ghanaian movie industry against all odds. His introduction to the television audience occurred through the popular Ghanaian series ‘Cow and Chicken.’ Don Little has transcended national borders, gaining popularity beyond Ghana, thanks to a vast fan base drawn to African movies.