Mungai Eve Apologizes After Being Criticized Over Her Outfit at Akothee’s Wedding

Mungai Eve, a Kenyan content creator, has issued an apology after receiving criticism for her indecent dressing at Akothee’s Wedding. In her statement, she expressed her regret for letting her fans down and promised to do better in the future.

Mungai Eve explained that she received the invitation quite late and did not have enough time to prepare adequately. However, if invited to any event in the future, she will make sure to plan and prepare well in advance to avoid similar incidents from happening again.

The dress code for Akothee’s wedding, as indicated on the invitation card, was elegant attire with a touch of gold. Many guests and celebrities followed this dress code and showed up in stunning outfits, stealing the show.

Unfortunately, Mungai Eve’s choice of attire, a short pink dress that was revealing, and a black cap, did not meet the expected dress code. Consequently, Kenyans criticized her for not respecting the occasion and dressing as if she was going to a club.

Several Kenyans took to social media to express their disappointment with Mungai Eve’s outfit. Some comments suggested that Mungai Eve could have sought help from the people she influences to dress appropriately for such an event. Others expressed their dissatisfaction with her outfit choice and suggested that Akothee should have removed her from the wedding.

In conclusion, Mungai Eve has acknowledged her mistake and apologized for her inappropriate dressing at Akothee’s wedding. She has promised to do better in the future if given an invitation to a similar event.