Kikuyu gospel singer buys her jobless husband a car to empower him.

Kikuyu gospel singer Charity Waruinu has bought a car to her jobless husband so as he can use it to run a taxi hustle.

This was shared by popular MC, Karangu Muraya who congratulated Charity for her noble act.

The MC stated that Charity’s husband identified simply as Kelvin had been jobless for years and his attempts to secure one have been futile.

Waruinu had held an event on Sunday at Blue Springs Hotel where she gifter her husband the car.

“When you empower a husband, you empower the whole family. Congratulations to Charity Waruinu for choosing first to empower your husband Kelvin who has been jobless for years,” Karangu posted.

Her actions sparked mixed reactions especially from among fellow ladies who said that her act would later bring her premium tears after her jobless husband gets on his feet through the car she bought.