Stevo Simple Boy Allegedly Cancels His South African Show -

Stevo Simple Boy Allegedly Cancels His South African Show

Rapper Stevo Simple recently asserted that he had originally planned to be in South Africa this upcoming Saturday. However, due to prior commitments in Mombasa, he was compelled to cancel his flight.

The rapper, who hails from Kibera, will be one of the esteemed guests attending the premiere of the film “Mvera” at Nyali Cinemax. He conveyed this information via his social media channels, stating, “Ningependa kuwaambia show yangu ya @SOUTH AFRICA tumeweza kui cancell kwasababu siku ya Leo pia Bado tulikuwa na launch ya #MVERA. singeweza kusafari Leo.. tayari Nishabukiwa PRIVATE JETi na rafiki yangu @anguka_daudi twendeni tuone #mvera wanangu wa Mombasa tukutane moi international airport au #nyali.”

Nonetheless, some members of the online community remain skeptical regarding Stevo’s intended trip to South Africa, as evident from their reactions.

“Mvera” is a film directed and produced by Daudi Anguka. According to the film’s producer, the narrative mirrors the current societal realities. He shared, “This beautiful story is a perfect replica of what’s happening in our society. Its release perfectly coincides with the plight of the youth and the general population who get trapped working as expatriates overseas. All this is tied with the thirst for success and the loss of faith in their own country to provide a befitting livelihood. For this cause, I would like to present to you MVERA, who is the heroine of the story doubling up as the modern Mekatilili. I can absolutely guarantee that you will love this thrilling piece,” as he previously expressed on Instagram.