Edday Nderitu: I am not in any Polygamous Marriage, I Left Samidoh

In a recent social media statement, Edday Nderitu confirmed that she has parted ways with her husband, Samidoh, and clarified that she is not involved in any polygamous union. The decision to end their marriage was motivated by the toxic environment that had developed, and Edday emphasized that her primary concern was safeguarding the well-being of her teenage daughter and herself.

Addressing some inaccuracies shared online, she expressed that she made the choice to remove herself and her children from the harmful situation, with her teenage daughter being the most affected by the troubling behavior she witnessed. Despite the challenges, Edday asserted that she has been able to provide for her children independently, without any assistance from their father. Looking ahead to a new chapter in her life, she yearned for a drama-free existence and sought peace in the coming days.

This decision to end the marriage follows Edday’s earlier declaration that she would not raise her children in a polygamous family. She had supported Samidoh in nurturing his talent and had been there for him throughout, but the idea of raising her children in a polygamous setup, particularly with a woman significantly older and showing a lack of morals and respect for her family, was not acceptable to her. Her heartfelt plea for strength to pray for Samidoh, despite the pain he had caused her and her kids, reflects the emotional turmoil she had been going through.

As she now enters a new season in her life, Edday hopes to find peace and tranquility, leaving behind the drama and difficulties of the past.