Street Smart: How Mayai Pasua Man makes Ksh.60,000 Daily with 2000 Eggs.

The renowned egg businessman known as ‘Mayai Pasua’ has caused quite a stir among Kenyans by divulging the secrets behind his remarkable wealth accrued from his egg business.

In Kenya, the traditional notion of egg hawking is often associated with a lower socioeconomic status. However, those entrenched in this trade often find themselves reaping substantial rewards. Typically, an average egg vendor in Nairobi city might pocket between Ksh. 1000 to 2000 on a daily basis. However, the staggering profits of ‘Mayai Pasua’ have left many questioning the method behind his success.

Having delved into the egg hawking enterprise for a solid 19 years, this entrepreneur has perfected his craft. Armed with eggs and a gas stove, he offers his clientele a diverse array of egg-based delicacies, ranging from boiled to fried eggs and omelettes. With boiled eggs priced at Ksh. 30 each and fried eggs or omelettes varying around Ksh. 40, his profit margins soar.

Operating multiple egg stands strategically scattered across Nairobi’s CBD, ‘Mayai Pasua’ adopts a hands-on approach, traversing the streets like any other vendor. Remarkably, he manages to move approximately 2000 eggs daily, generating an astounding revenue of around Ksh. 60,000. Considering the possibility of additional sales from his numerous stands, the figure could potentially surpass the 2000 mark.

Despite the skepticism surrounding his earnings, the middle-aged entrepreneur proudly attests that his hard-earned wealth has afforded him a comfortable lifestyle. He boasts homeownership and the construction of a mansion, while also ensuring the education of his children. Encouraging fellow Kenyans to embrace entrepreneurship, he emphasizes the potential for substantial profits through self-employment.

In essence, ‘Mayai Pasua’ serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and ingenuity in the pursuit of financial success.