“I Can’t Be A Bitter Ex at all” Mungai Eve Speaks Up After Trevor Dumped Her For Nyaga Eve

YouTube personality Eve Mungai has finally addressed the rumors surrounding her breakup with her ex-boyfriend of nearly five years, Director Trevor, who has moved on with another woman named Eve Nyaga.

This unexpected development has sparked widespread speculation among fans and followers.

Director Trevor, who was romantically involved with Eve Mungai for almost half a decade, publicly announced their breakup on February 19, 2024. He cited breaches of their revenue-sharing agreement for earnings from various social media platforms as the reason for their personal and professional split.

Since the breakup, Eve Mungai has kept a relatively low profile, choosing not to discuss the details of their separation. She has maintained a reserved stance, suggesting that some matters are best left unspoken. This has left many fans curious about her true feelings regarding the breakup and Director Trevor’s subsequent actions.

Following their split, Director Trevor quickly moved on and introduced Eve Nyaga as the new presenter for Kenyan Online Media, formerly known as the Mungai Eve Channel. Speculation about a potential romantic relationship between Director Trevor and Eve Nyaga intensified, fueled by suggestive photos and videos of the pair. Eve Nyaga even referred to Trevor as her husband, although Trevor has not confirmed their relationship status.

Meanwhile, Eve Mungai has been focusing on her own projects on her new YouTube channel, aptly named Eve Mungai. In a recent episode, she hosted Manzi Wa Kibera, where the topic of bitter exes came up. Manzi Wa Kibera provocatively asked, “Are you a bitter ex? Do you know he’s replaced you with another Eve?”

Eve responded calmly, saying, “I can’t be a bitter ex. I am very happy… That’s good.” Her composed reaction showcases her strength and resilience in the face of adversity since her split from Director Trevor.