Hassan Mugambi & Chemutai Goin to leave Citizen TV

In a noteworthy development within Kenya’s media landscape, Citizen TV is poised to bid farewell to two seasoned journalists, Hassan Mugambi and Chemutai Goin, as they embark on new roles within the government.

Insider sources reveal that both Mugambi and Goin are currently in the process of serving their exit notices and are expected to imminently part ways with the Royal Media Services-owned station.

Hassan Mugambi, known for his dual responsibilities as a news anchor and security reporter, has been a fixture at Citizen TV for the past six years. Having previously contributed to K24, where he refined his skills as a news anchor and reporter, Mugambi’s tenure at Citizen TV has been marked by widespread acclaim. He has received prestigious awards, including the 2019 Outstanding Media Security Investigative Journalist accolade, in recognition of his relentless coverage of security issues in the country. The Protective and Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK) commended Mugambi for his dedicated reporting.

Meanwhile, Chemutai Goin, an accomplished journalist with a wealth of experience across various media outlets such as KTN and K24, will also be bidding farewell to Citizen TV. Goin’s reporting has primarily focused on Politics, Governance, Current Affairs, and developmental journalism. She gained prominence during the lead-up to the 2022 general elections, emerging as a standout reporter covering crucial electoral developments.

Although neither Mugambi nor Goin has officially confirmed their impending departures, speculation is rife regarding their next career moves. Rumors suggest that Mugambi may join the Ministry of Defence under the leadership of Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale, as evidenced by his recent social media activity expressing support for Duale’s initiatives. Additionally, there are reports indicating that Mugambi accompanied CS Duale on a trip to the U.S.

On the other hand, Goin is reportedly set to assume a role within the Speaker of the National Assembly’s office.