Nimechoka, nataka mume!: Sandra Dacha now says days after revealing the type of men she’d never date

A week after stirring up discussions on social media with her detailed criteria for an ideal partner, actress Sandra Dacha now declares her longing for love.

Taking to her Facebook page, Sandra Dacha announced her quest to find a life partner, playfully expressing her weariness from recounting her day to 20 different men, each believing they hold a special place in her heart.

“I’m seeking a husband. I’ve grown weary of recounting my day to 20 men,” quipped Sandra Dacha.

The actress, known for her confident embrace of her body and affectionately dubbed ‘Biggest Machine’, made these remarks shortly after openly sharing the qualities she desires in a partner who will embrace her as his wife.

Speaking to K24 in an interview, the mother of one candidly expressed her preferences, stating, “I desire someone who is not prone to jealousy.”

Dacha took the opportunity to reflect on her past relationship, revealing how her former partner parted ways with her due to jealousy issues.

“Early last year, my previous partner left me because I purchased a larger fridge than his,” she disclosed.

Additionally, Sandra highlighted financial stability as another crucial trait she seeks in a partner.

“Financial stability is another quality I look for in a partner,” she affirmed.

“I also seek someone who prioritizes my needs and desires, who actively engages in conversations about my aspirations. I desire a partner who is attentive and understanding, not one who is oblivious,” she added.