“You’re Too Old for Him”: Woman Chased Away by Her 22-Year-Old Lover’s Family After She Bought Him Land -

“You’re Too Old for Him”: Woman Chased Away by Her 22-Year-Old Lover’s Family After She Bought Him Land

A dramatic incident occurred within a Kenyan household recently when 22-year-old Promise Karanja introduced his 42-year-old partner, Terryanne, to his relatives.

The initial intention of the meeting, which was meant to be a formal introduction, quickly transformed into a passionate disagreement that brought to light differences in generations and societal norms.

Accompanied by YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Promise and Terryanne arrived at the introduction in Kahawa West with the optimistic aspiration of securing familial acceptance for their relationship.

However, the age discrepancy between the couple emerged as a major point of contention for Promise’s family. Despite his earnest efforts to communicate his affection for Terryanne, the family’s reaction was anything but affirmative.

One member of the family questioned the genuineness of their bond, suggesting that Terryanne’s financial position might have played a role in influencing Promise’s emotions.

Additionally, the family strongly highlighted the gap in their ages, asserting that Terryanne’s life experiences rendered her an improbable match for the young man.

As the confrontation escalated, the atmosphere in the room grew tense. Family members voiced their strong disapproval, going to the extent of issuing a warning to Promise that he could face estrangement if he chose to continue his relationship with Terryanne.

The situation continued to intensify as the couple clasped hands, further provoking the family’s ire.

Terryanne’s gesture of presenting Promise with a piece of land as a token of her commitment had limited impact in alleviating the family’s concerns. Despite Terryanne’s efforts to engage them in reasoning, the family adhered to their stance, insisting that Promise and Terryanne depart and never return.