DJ Afro Amigos: Man Spicing Up Movies For Kenyans For Over 10 Years Now

DJ Afro, a seasoned film narrator with a two-decade-long career, specializes in translating Hollywood movies from English to Kiswahili, enhancing the understanding of these films for his dedicated fan base. Originating from Nairobi’s Eastlands region, DJ Afro’s remarkable talent has garnered him nationwide recognition.

With regular appearances on Gikuyu TV and Mzalendo TV, DJ Afro extends his narration skills to cover Bollywood and Nollywood movies, presenting them in simplified Swahili. Additionally, he provides commentary on WWE Wrestling on Mzalendo TV and Nigerian Movies on Gikuyu TV.

Beyond his role as a movie narrator, DJ Afro wears multiple hats as an event coordinator and MC. He manages a recording studio situated in Nairobi’s River Road and owns movie shops in Nakuru and Nairobi. Balancing his professional pursuits, DJ Afro is a proud father of two and a devoted husband to a talented reporter employed at a vernacular TV station.

Kenya boasts a vibrant community of movie narrators, including DJ Fish for Star Africa TV, DJ Afro Junior in UTV, DJ Smith, DJ Jackyu in Jambu TV, and numerous others. These DJs collectively contribute to ensuring that audiences are thoroughly entertained.

In October 2021, Kenyan social media users expressed dissatisfaction with global streaming giant Netflix. The company faced criticism for featuring a commentary in one of its promos that seemed reminiscent of DJ Afro’s style. Netizens ridiculed Netflix for opting for an imitator rather than collaborating with the original DJ Afro.

In response to the public outcry, Netflix took corrective action by reaching out to the acclaimed movie entertainer. Subsequently, DJ Afro provided commentary on the official trailer of the movie “Thunder Force,” mending the rift with his fans and reinforcing his position as a prominent figure in the Kenyan entertainment scene.