“Coward”: Kenyans Refer To KRG After Failing To Confront Kibe As Promised

KRG The Don has chosen to go into hiding following the arrival of Vlogger Andrew Kibe on Friday night.

The outspoken KRG had earlier assured Kenyans that he would deal with Andrew Kibe for meddling in the affairs of the government’s leadership.

In his recent social media updates, KRG claimed that the Vlogger consistently disrespects both Kenyans and the government.

The originator of the Miaka Mia Sita slogan, as seen on his Instagram page, declared his intention to confront Kibe on camera, with journalists documenting the encounter.

“The D day is here, Andrew Kibe is arriving today around 7 pm. Since he was afraid to share his schedule with me, I had to use my intelligence and my connections in the airline industry to make it happen,” he asserted.

Surprisingly, despite his bold statements, KRG went into hiding, leaving his fans bewildered and labeling him a coward.

On social media platforms, netizens on both X and Instagram tagged KRG in their comments, eagerly awaiting his response, but he remained silent.

BabushkaKenya commented, “Bughaa is just all talk.”

Milly Chebby jokingly said, “Welcome back home 😂😂😂 Kife, we missed you.”

Nyambura suggested, “Someone should volunteer to welcome him with whips.”

Daniel K dismissed KRG, stating, “KRG is just talk, a noisy street girl making noise. All bark, no bite.”

Rose Jane inquired about the whereabouts of the lightskin donkey, mocking KRG with a reference to Ruto.

Deejay Dreamer questioned, “Where is Kafukuswii… He said Kibe and him would exchange government buildings, one in jail and the other in a morgue.”

Jose Mkuu concluded, “Bughaa and lightskin ladies are no different. Just all talk without substance.”