Kikuyu gospel singer buys her jobless husband a car to empower him but some toxic women think she made a Mistake (PHOTOs).

Kikuyu gospel artist Charity Waruinu has gifted her jobless husband a vehicle which he will use to run a taxi business.

Her act was declared by Karangu Muraya, a famous Kikuyu musician and MC known for his magnanimous deeds.

Karangu noted that Charity’s huzy Kelvin has been jobless for quite a long time.

After Waruinu made some cash on Sunday when she facilitated a successful gospel event at Blue Springs Hotel, she saw the need to uplift her jobless spouse by getting him the vehicle.

“When you empower a husband, you empower the whole family. Congratulations to Charity Waruinu for choosing first to empower your husband Kelvin who has been jobless for years,” Karangu posted.

Waruinu’s demonstration ignited responses, particularly among women.

“Congrats, but I am unsure about a woman empowering the husband. But maybe he is unique,” one lady commented.

“Congratulations to them but on the empowering issue let me try in another world,” another lady added.