Willy Paul alias Pozze or Willy Paul Msafi has by
now gotten used to the controversies that follow
him. Let’s just say he enjoys it better when he
is the talk of the town. I wonder what would
happen to him if he just stayed off controversy
for a minute.
But anyway, Pozze seems to have been drinking
to ease the pressure that has been coming his
way since he started hitting the headlines for the
wrong reasons. But wait a minute,
was he
drinking all night long? Let’s just say he only
recycled his clothes which confused many on
whether he slept home or not.
Pozze posted while holding onto a glass that
many believed was an alcoholic beverage -wine


He wrote;
Morning my people.. karibu breakfast… bill on
Check out what fans had to say;
“Anselo Otwenty Iraitoh: come mcheki hii,
gospel taken to another level na kwa Yesu
hakuna degree but Liquor iko. Ukininyima glassy
ndio mambo rambo kanambo
Denno Iv Cj: Denno walae izo nguo joh,unakaa
mpakaji rangi ama n venye konyangis
inakupeleka :p :p :p chunga inaua watu
Calvin Carl: Niliona ukigawa pesa the other
time.Leo naona unaitia watu breakfast kwa bill
My brother, watu wanasave ma-TBT watafufua
hizi vitu hadi ushangae
Khuli Lesane Latore:Unapima nani? unaanza
kutuflosia na kiwine…kunyweni na alaine na injili
yenu…heri Bahati aneza niitia chakula”

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