Karen Nyamu Replies To Fan Calling Her “M-Kopo Mfuliza Wa Thamweli Samidoh” -

Karen Nyamu Replies To Fan Calling Her “M-Kopo Mfuliza Wa Thamweli Samidoh”

Karen Nyamu rejects the label of being a “lover on loan” in her connection with Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu proudly embraces her role as the mother of two children, Samidoh Junior and Wairimu, fathered by the Kikuyu musician Samidoh Muchoki. Her presence in Kenyan conversations has been largely fueled by her involvement in a love triangle with the well-known singer, who is legally wed to Eddy Nderitu.

On numerous occasions, Karen Nyamu has taken to her Facebook page to share her thoughts and updates with her followers. However, these posts consistently lead to discussions surrounding her relationship with Samidoh and the circumstances of how she came to be with him, considering Eddy’s subsequent relocation to the United States with their children.

In a recent candid admission on her Facebook page, Karen Nyamu shed light on her personality. She describes herself as a tender-hearted woman, but she does not shy away from acknowledging her outspoken and occasionally blunt nature. She candidly asked her followers for forgiveness, explaining that her straightforwardness is an integral part of her character.

Accompanying her heartfelt message was a striking photograph that showcased her undeniable beauty, demonstrating that age has not diminished her allure.

It’s not unusual for individuals to express their authentic selves on social media, and Karen Nyamu’s post was a genuine reflection of her personality. She undeniably thrives on attention and seems to be addicted to it.

However, as is often the case on social media, not all comments were supportive. One of her followers posted a derogatory comment, labeling her as a “rented lover” of Samidoh. This comment did not go unnoticed, and Karen Nyamu decided to address it.

Her response mirrored the directness of her initial post. She simply expressed her indifference towards such remarks, emphasizing that, in her perspective, what truly matters is her relationship with Samidoh, firmly asserting her place in his life.