Who Is “BIG NYASH” Cross-Dresser Kelvin Kinuthia

Kelvin Kinuthia, a prominent and occasionally controversial TikTok content creator hailing from Kenya, is renowned for his bold, humorous, and unapologetic approach. His content often features him cross-dressing, embodying a female persona complete with stylish wigs, high heels, and meticulously manicured nails, all aimed at entertaining his audience.

Background and Age

Born in June 2001, Kelvin, now 20 years old, spent his formative years in Karen, later moving to Ngong before ultimately settling in Kitengela. Raised alongside two sisters, he is the sole male member of his family.


Kelvin commenced his primary education at St. Elizabeth and concluded it at Kilimani Academy in Kitengela. His high school journey took him to Koilel High School for form one and Kitengela Boys for O-levels. Presently, he is a student at Mount Kenya University, pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Production.


Kelvin sustains himself through social media advertisements and boasts a substantial following on Instagram and TikTok. His TikTok videos, known for their humor and engagement, have garnered him a devoted fan base appreciative of his confidence and fearless content creation style. His alter ego, Mama Shiko, enjoys immense popularity among his audience.

Despite encountering negativity, Kelvin has a robust support system that empowers him to persist in his passion. He has chosen to focus on the positive feedback while disregarding the adverse comments. Alongside his TikTok and Instagram presence, he manages a YouTube channel, “OfficialKinuthia,” boasting over 4,000 subscribers and featuring more than 30 videos.

Gay Rumors

Owing to his cross-dressing and effeminate demeanor, speculations about Kelvin’s sexual orientation have surfaced, with many assuming he is gay. However, Kelvin has clarified that he identifies as straight and that his portrayal of a female character is purely for content creation purposes.


Recently, Kelvin found himself entangled in a false story where an individual from Machakos was purportedly involved in a fraudulent act. A social media user misused Kelvin’s image to propagate the narrative, leading to unfounded accusations against him. Kelvin promptly dispelled the misinformation through his social media platforms and an appearance on Jalang’o TV, asserting that he was not the person in the story, and his image was used without permission.