”Ameanza kuboeka” Nadia Mukami hints at getting pregnant soon. -

”Ameanza kuboeka” Nadia Mukami hints at getting pregnant soon.

Kenyan music sensation, Nadia Mukami, has candidly expressed her desire to expand her family with her fiancé, Arrow Bwoy, just a year and a half after the joyous arrival of their first child, Haseeb Kai.

In a recent social media post on a Saturday, Nadia delighted her followers by sharing heartwarming photos of herself with her now-grown son, Kai.

In the accompanying caption, she divulged that despite the young Kai becoming somewhat restless at home, she couldn’t help but entertain the thought of adding another bundle of joy to their family.

“Naskia kuongeza mwingine ❤️😩 Kai ameanza kuboeka 😁😂This Love 💕 @haseebkai,” Nadia affectionately wrote on her social media platforms.

The 26-year-old musician recently admitted her apprehension about how rapidly her son is growing up. She couldn’t help but notice the boy’s daily progress and felt a twinge of worry about the future.

In her posts, she shared endearing photos of Kai and mused about the impending moment when her son might request a little more privacy, like asking her to knock before entering his room or even politely requesting that she refrain from showering him with kisses, deeming it “embarrassing.”

“I’m afraid that he’s growing up, and soon he’ll say, ‘Mom, please knock,’ or even say, ‘Mom, stop chum (kiss); you’re embarrassing me,'” confessed Nadia Mukami.

While expressing her fears, the devoted mother also alluded to the exceptionally close and affectionate bond she shares with her son.

“I am overwhelmed with love!! If I ever judged Mama’s Boy, please forgive me! Now I know better!!” she humorously acknowledged.

Nadia Mukami and her devoted partner, Arrow Bwoy, joyously welcomed their son, Haseeb Kai, into the world in March of the previous year.

“24.03.2022, we received the best gift, Haseeb Kai. Welcome to our world,” Arrow Bwoy announced through his Instagram page, commemorating the blessed arrival.

Their journey to parenthood had encountered a heartbreaking setback with a previous miscarriage, making Kai’s arrival even more cherished and meaningful.