King Roso: Faceless Kenyan Fun Gifting Kenyan TikTokers lions worth millions

Over time, TikTok has evolved into a platform where creators can generate substantial income through their content. A dedicated TikToker shared with us that during live streams, supporters known as gifters contribute financially. These gifts come in the form of coins, varying in value from the lowest denomination, represented by flowers, to the highest, symbolized by the universe.

According to the source, a flower is equivalent to approximately KSh 5, while a lion holds a value of KSh 40,000, and the universe commands a staggering KSh 60,000. Amidst the pursuit of earning from content creation, one enigmatic figure has emerged as notably generous: King Roso. This mysterious individual has garnered attention for bestowing extravagant gifts upon various TikTokers, primarily comprising the rare and highly valued lions, often leaving recipients and spectators alike astonished.

King Roso’s acts of generosity have been significant, such as contributing KSh 1 million towards Brian Chira’s funeral fundraiser and gifting TikToker Nyako with 70 lions worth over KSh 1.5 million on her birthday. Nyako herself mentioned in a previous live video that “King Roso is a pseudo. No one knows King Roso’s real name or identity apart from me and J Lo.”

The identity of King Roso remains shrouded in mystery, prompting speculation among observers. Some speculate that King Roso is a wealthy individual with a strong inclination towards philanthropy, while others entertain the notion that it might be a marketing ploy orchestrated by a luxury brand. Regardless of the motive driving King Roso’s benevolence, the recipients of these lavish gifts have undoubtedly enjoyed the benefits of his generosity, experiencing a significant impact on their livelihoods.