Lady narrates how her own mother snatched her husband

Throughout the years, they have forever been hypothesis that some women go far as snatching the husbands of their daughters with no regret. In any case, very few individuals have been bold enough to step forward and tell their story until now.

A young lady who got driven out of her own home by her own mom has taken to social media to share her story.

She uncovered she was married to her husband for years until her mom snatched the man from her.

Abena, if anyone tells you the stories you post are concocted then they’re not living in this world. THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON

Abena I was married for a good 7 years but I’m a single mother now and why? Because my mother begye aware3 no booso (she took over my marriage)
After my dad died in my 5th year of marriage, my mother became very lonely. We are only 2 girls living far from her though we try to visit her once a month but it wasn’t enough and she’s the type who likes doing things herself so you’ll waste money if you employ a caregiver hmm. She was the type who always wanted to be on her own.

When I finally gave birth (in my 6 years of marriage) and she came to stay with me unless she’s coming to bath the baby if not she’s in her room. Small-time and she’s in her room but I realized she was always happy because of our baby. I spoke to my husband to let her stay until our child was about 6 months. Then boom, 3 months after giving birth I realized I was pregnant again. I was resuming work too and had a tough time convincing her to stay with us before she finally agreed.