Congratulations Akothee Is Pregnant Again Few Months After Loosing Her Unborn Baby “The way I am feeling I think I am pregnant” Akothee

Esther Akothee, a renowned Kenyan celebrity and singer, has found happiness once again. This follows a period of difficulty that she experienced after losing her unborn baby with her Caucasian boyfriend, Omosh, a few months ago.

Despite the trying experience, Akothee remained strong and optimistic that her dream of having a child with Omosh would come true. Recently, the couple traveled to Paris for Valentine’s Day and the moments they shared together seem to have been worthwhile.

Akothee took to her social media pages to share a positive pregnancy test kit, which clearly indicated that she is pregnant with Omosh’s child. In previous interviews, Akothee openly stated that she believes Omosh is her God-sent husband and that she is ready to have three children with him. Following consultations with her doctor, the 40-year-old Akothee revealed that she still has 12 more years before reaching menopause.