Karen Nyamu : Samidoh Ni Mtu Wangu.

The trending topic once again involves Karen Nyamu, a nominated senator and the mother of Mugithi Superstar Samidoh’s children. Karen has been displaying aggressive behavior online and appears to harbor resentment towards any woman who crosses paths with Samidoh.

Following a heated exchange with an international promoter of Samidoh, Karen Nyamu explained why she refrains from attacking Samidoh online. In response to a comment from one of her fans, Karen Nyamu stated that Samidoh is her personal matter, and any differences they may have are dealt with privately.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh have been in a relationship for over three years, during which they have had two children together. It is worth noting that Samidoh was unfaithful to his wife with Karen Nyamu.

Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, Samidoh’s wife eventually accepted the situation, and the trio moved on. Currently, the Mugithi superstar is fortunate enough to enjoy the love of both women, who reside in separate mansions.