Paul Kiarie: I used my boda boda earnings to build 2-bedroom house

Paul Kiarie, a 28-year-old man, is a proud homeowner after moving into his 2-bedroomed home on January 10th. The most remarkable aspect of his home-building journey is that he financed the construction process with proceeds from his Boda Boda business, proving that with determination and hard work, one can achieve their goals despite limited resources.

When asked about how he managed to build a two-bedroom bungalow, Paul revealed that he started with a capital of only Sh. 10,000 and avoided saving large amounts of money as he feared being tempted to spend it. He learned this lesson the hard way after saving up to Sh. 30,000 previously and spending it all during a trip to Mombasa.

To begin the construction process, Paul moved his family from a one-bedroom house he was renting for Sh. 5,000 to a smaller one bedroom for Sh. 4,000 and later to a mabati house where they lived for 2 years. He broke ground on January 2, 2022, purchasing 800 blocks for Sh. 43,000, a lorry of red sand and black sand for Sh. 16,000 and Sh. 9,000, all of which he paid for in installments.

It was crucial for Paul to earn the trust of those providing him with building materials, which he did by taking them to the site and assuring them that they would know where to find him if he defaulted on any payments. One year later, in 2023, his 16 ft by 26 ft two-bedroom house was complete, with a sunken lounge, bathroom, and open kitchen.

Paul also saved on water and electricity bills by digging a 35 ft borehole that supplied him with water and installing a solar system. He attributes his success to prayer, passion, and commitment, as well as the support of his wife and child. Currently, Paul plans to take a break from any financially draining work and expects to expand the house after five years.