“2024 Has Started Very Bad For Me” Akothee Explains Her Disappointments 

Akothee recently shared her surprise and disappointment at the lack of support from friends, even those she believed would stand by her side in the new year. Through a social media post, she disclosed the significant challenges her philanthropic endeavors encountered in 2024.

The mother of five elaborated on how her ability to assist the less fortunate had diminished due to financial reallocations towards the Akothee Academy. Despite her efforts, Akothee has struggled to find benefactors willing to contribute to her other charitable initiatives.

Expressing frustration, she revealed that individuals she once counted on for assistance have now chosen to distance themselves. Akothee humorously remarked on the situation, stating, “This year my hands are full with Akothee Academy. Even the friends I thought would support me have left me with a trail of unread messages 😂😂😂. I find myself negotiating even for a desk worth 3500, which they can’t provide, but if it’s about buying me a 17k champagne, they would gladly do it and even inquire about which fancy hotel I prefer.”