Jeff Mwathi’s Mum Attends To His Son’s Marble Grave

Anita Mwathi, mother of the late Jeff Mwathi, continues to demonstrate her enduring love for her son even after his passing, as evidenced in a poignant TikTok video. The heartfelt scene captures Anita tenderly caring for Jeff’s dignified marble grave, embellished with a headstone shaped like a bible adorned with a verse, his portrait, and a cross. In the video, Anita, radiant as ever, meticulously cleans the grave with soap and water, accompanied by another woman.

Upon completing the task, Anita gently reclines on the grave and sings a sweet melody to her son. In a departure from previous occasions marked by sorrow and tears, she is seen smiling this time. Recently, Anita expressed frustration over the prolonged delay in the death inquest of her son, following a court adjournment of the matter.

Anne Mwathi, prepared to testify, voiced her frustration at enduring double anguish. Having traveled from Qatar, she expressed disappointment at her inability to testify. However, her testimony could not proceed as her lawyer, Danstan Omari, was reportedly still in Mombasa. Milimani principal magistrate Zainab Abdul reminded her of this circumstance and advised her to communicate her dissatisfaction to her advocate.

Lawyer Duncan Okatch, representing Lawrence Njuguna, also known as DJ Fatxo, who resided in the house where Jeff passed away, informed the court about the impact of the deceased’s parents’ estranged relationship. He emphasized that witnesses would testify to Jeff’s suicidal tendencies arising from the strained relationship between his parents.