Handsome Boy: I’m The Cutest Man In Kenya And Ladies Want To have TWA TWA! with me Daily

The Kibera-based content creator and former Churchill Show comedian, popularly known as Handsome Boy, has once again seized the digital spotlight with his audacious proclamations regarding his desirability among Kenyan women.

In a recent interview with an online media outlet, Handsome Boy confidently declared himself as the most attractive man in Kenya. Despite the newfound fame, he expressed a sense of unease due to the overwhelming attention flooding his direct messages from admiring ladies.

During the interview, the comedian went on to reveal that even celebrities like Amberay have shown interest in him. In a lighthearted manner, Handsome Boy humorously expressed the need for security from the national government, citing potential threats of kidnapping by Kenyan women enchanted by his good looks.

Furthermore, Handsome Boy asserted that he has yet to find a woman in Kenya who meets his standards. To entertain the idea of spending time with him, he placed a steep price tag of Ksh.3 Million, underscoring the exclusivity of his company.

Revisiting his earlier claim that Vera Sidika is his mother, Handsome Boy remained steadfast, insisting that Vera abandoned him in Kakamega after giving birth. He continued to assert that Brown Mauzo is his stepfather, and both should acknowledge him as their firstborn son.

In this manner, Handsome Boy continues to captivate and amuse the online community with his bold statements and larger-than-life persona.