9 little-known details about whistling TikToker Priscilla Waimani -

9 little-known details about whistling TikToker Priscilla Waimani

Priscilla Waimani, known for her exceptional whistling talent, has taken the internet by storm. Her videos, which feature her bold and fearless approach to whistling, no matter where she is, have become a sensation on social media. Her recordings, ranging from supermarkets to bus stops, have earned her widespread recognition.

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Priscilla revealed that she is a married woman with three children and resides in Nakuru. However, she travels to neighboring counties for her business. It was her children who inspired her to pursue her talent by reminding her of TikTok Queen Azziad Nasenya and encouraging her to create her own original content.

Priscilla’s whistling is not only a source of entertainment but also a way of attracting customers when she is selling her products. She uses her talent to make announcements of the products she is selling and their prices, making it easier for customers to purchase them. Whistling is her primary source of income, with her first whistle-song ‘Hau uri’ released in 2012.

Here’s what you need to know about the whistling lady.

1. She is married. Priscilla is a wife to a man she loves very much, he supports her whistling habit.

2. She is a mother of three; a boy and two girls. None of them has her character according to her.

3. Priscilla is a businesswoman. She owns a shop next to Laikipia University selling utensils etc.

She also hawks those household goods.

4. She is a Nyahururu native

5. She learnt whistling as a very young girl. 

Then she noticed her whistling attracted customers when she was in the market. It encouraged her to do more and record her antics.

6. She dropped out of school, but was encouraged to return to class by her husband to do KCPE and KCSE.

She did KCSE in 2016.

7. She loves social media and is on all platforms.

8. Her Tiktok account was opened by a cousin in January 2023. She had no clue what the video app was all about, and how to use it.

9. She had a short stint in politics, but it failed and she had to rethink her life decisions.

Her family, including her husband, are very supportive of her work and she receives encouragement from her neighbors as well. Her popularity has opened doors for her, leading to recognition from brands and even paid trips to the coast.

Despite the haters, Priscilla is a confident and determined woman who continues to push forward with her art. She hopes to work with various brands and inspire others to put effort into their own passions. Priscilla Waimani is a shining example of never giving up on your dreams and using your talents to create a better future.